Casework Services

Our members offer a range of consultation packages to choose from – but if you need something different, just ask!

If you would like to book or discuss your needs, please contact: or telephone 07419 332006 and speak to our administrator.

Basic-Consultation Advice (half day)

Suitable for initial exploration of need and/or where advice is required for targeted intervention.

  • Individual or small group
  • Observation/functional or specific assessment
  • Consultation and feedback to staff/parent
  • Reporting: staff recording or EP notes on-site


Standard-Full Consultation (1 day)

Specialist EP consultation, full assessment and advice assessing a child/YPs needs and recommendations.

  • Gathering/considering background information. Pre-consultation questionnaire (if appropriate)
  • Direct assessment – using range of standardised, psychometric, functional and dynamic measures
  • Observation and consultation with child/YP, obtaining their views
  • Consultation and feedback with relevant staff and parent/s or carers
  • Reporting: Consultation report – background, description of needs, results, formulation and recommendations

Regular Visits

Regular visit packages can be arranged for one or two terms of intensive work or in order to build an on-going partnership between your school and EP. Regular packages offer the opportunity to plan a range of work, which can be followed up over time. For example, you may want a mixture of individual casework, training and “plan, do, review” around a number of children or you might want to use sessions for implementing therapeutic interventions or programmes.

Arranged packages might consist of 3 days per term (1 day per month); 6 days a term (1 day fortnightly) or 12 days per term (1 day per week), depending on your needs. We would usually arrange a free initial planning meeting with you prior to commencement, to establish your needs and agree a package format.


Complex-In-depth Consultation (1.5 day)

Suitable for where a child/YP has more complex needs, are “looked after” and/or are not attending school. As above (Full Consultation) and in addition, the following may be agreed:

  • Multiple observations, assessment of need across different days, as required
  • Assessment and/or consultation at home
  • Consultation with all involved staff including relevant external professionals
  • In-depth intervention or programme development recommendations
  • Reporting: Consultation report
  • Feedback of report at school meeting or “Team around the Child” meeting


School-Focused Problem Solving sessions (1.5hr)

  • As a “stand alone” session or following a consultation
  • EP as “facilitator” to enable staff to problem solve
  • For consideration of individuals, groups, classes or around a specific issue
  • With the Senco or for a group of staff
  • To gain clarity and direction around strategy, intervention or programmes and to enable planning

Staff-Focused Consultation sessions (5 hrs)

For teaching/support staff to consult individually with an EP regarding one to two children per session.

  • To clarify understanding of possible needs and assessment directions
  • Advice regarding appropriate strategies, interventions and actions

NB. The EP requires parental consent and completed “Request for EP Involvement” form before they can work with any named child/YP.

Our Reporting structures

When we deliver our services we provide you with an appropriate written document. With casework services, reports are integral and evidence what has occurred. Casework reports are based on information known at the time of the assessment and contain relevant detail on which to base planning and intervention. Our member’s reports will usually contain a description of need, results and interpretation of assessment and recommendations for intervention. Reports are tailored to the individual and are evidence-informed – no two reports are the same because no two children are the same!

How much does it cost?

Pricing is consistent across our members and is based on the casework duration, complexity and geographical location. We will always discuss and agree the nature of EP involvement planned and give an estimate of cost before any work takes place. We have an ethical pricing policy in-line with our co-operative principles. To discuss your needs in more detail, please contact us on or telephone 07419 332006.

Programme development and research

Individual Programme Development (half day)

  • Work with Senco, class teacher and TAs to develop a workable, tailored programme for an individual
  • Areas might include: social skills, emotional awareness, Maths skills, Precision Teaching
  • Includes materials, summary and measurement tools


Group Programme Development (1 day+) 

  • Facilitating the development and set-up of therapeutic-based group
  • Includes staff training, as required
  • Areas might include: Lego Therapy, Circle of Friends, Nurture Groups

Research (1 day+)

Commissioned research covering qualitative and quantitative methods, in EP/learning related areas, such as,

  • Class Dynamics and well-being -“sociometric” analysis
  • Programme evaluation, measurement of performance and progress
  • Pupil’s, parent’s and staff views