We want you!

We want amazing, creative, innovative and autonomous EPs who can see “beyond” the ordinary, towards a bright and colourful EP future! Make the most of your skills, work to your strengths and discover some new talents by becoming a Link member!

What is a Co-operative Consortium?

A co-operative consortium provides a range of services to its members, such as administration, marketing and training. Members may be self-employed individuals; in partnerships or have their own company. It is a way of joining forces in order to gain mutual benefits.

The benefits of membership

By working together, members have a wider scope to access a range of working practices and opportunities, than if they worked separately.  Other member benefits are:

  • Access to “central office functions”, general administration and marketing
  • Source of new work as requests to the co-operative are offered to all members
  • Working within a supportive team context – a “community of practice” approach, where EPs have a common purpose
  • Opportunity for members to provide cover during busy times, holidays or illness
  • Collaboration on developing and delivering a range of training/programmes/research (and then we share the things we make!)
  • Access to regular supervision and “ad hoc” member support
  • Shared costs around expensive and very specific resources
  • Egalitarian management and decision-making structure – in which your voice counts just as much as others.
  • CPD opportunities and shared training, such as “Safeguarding” or via “Co-operatives UK” training programmes

How to become a Co-op member

If you think you might want to join us, please cont6act one of us for a chat.

Email contact: ep@link.coop

Contact number: 07847923424


Membership application

  • A member can be an individual or a representative of a company/corporate body.
  • Members are eligible, if they are a fully qualified EP and if they are eligible to work on contracts with schools and other organisations.